Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 30

I promised Camille that I'll only publish this after she watches Eclipse since she wasn't able to join us last Wednesday.. Para maramdaman nya rin naramdaman ko.. Disappointed. Haha. Ang drama.. ;P Kaw nalang mag-decide if you'll like it or not..

I watched Eclipse with Talitha, Michelle, Kayze, Cris, Ysiad & Jepoy at Greenhills syempre.. And since early reservation wasn't available for Eclipse, we need to buy our ticket early.. Talitha, Michelle & I went there at around 11am.. Waaah ang haba ng pila! I know PWD or ppl on wheels like me has an advantage, pwedeng mauna sa pila.. But I didn't.. Yoko, ang unfair kung ganon gagawin ko.. We just let Talitha fall in line.. All the night screening were sold-out.. But we don't care, afternoon screening kami, 2:45pm.. After paying for the ticket, hay naka hinga na ko ng mabuti! Haha. ;P But, but, but the elevator is out of order.. We just went up through the
escalator but the guards won't allow my wheels to go down through it.. They said they'll just carry me while riding on my wheelchair so I can go down the stair.. Nyeh! I told them, I'll just go down by myself.. kaya ko naman eh.. So, for Edward Cullen I went down through the stairs.. ;P


blah blah blah! but I still ♥love♥ the Twilight Saga.. I ♥ the book.. I ♥ the story.. I ♥ Edward Cullen.. I ♥ Alice Cullen though I super hate her hair in Eclipse! Wig pala.. I hate her wig! I don't really love nor hate Jacob pero naman, bakit yung itsura nya ginawang mukhang amoy wet dog talaga, especially when he was lying on his bed when he was injured.. Amoy wet dog lang dapat sya para sa mga bampira, hindi sa itsura.. But still I'll buy the DVD pa rin when it comes out and I can't wait til Breaking Dawn naman.. Adik! ;P

Sad.. Wala si Edward sa poster.. ;P

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