Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am Kcat.. I Can.. KCAT CAN!

I was featured on Manila Bulletin last March with a story by Angelo Garcia on the youth section, Students & Campuses..

Last Saturday, I received a message from Angelo Garcia on Facebook:
[..]How are you? I just would like to ask if you would like to be a regular columnist in our section -- Students and Campuses Bulletin?

We believe that your story and stories to share would be of great inspiration to others. It's just like writing an entry on your blog, but this time it will help you spread the word to a lot of Manila Bulletin readers. This would likewise help you and your endeavors and advocacies.[..]
I ask myself? Am I reading it correctly? After a lot of exchange of messages with him, my reaction was WOW! I really love that and I want to spread my story.. Not to preach, but to share my experiences, my strength. my faith and hope..

Please read my column every Monday starting this July 5 on Manila Bulletin, Students and Campuses section..


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