Saturday, May 1, 2010

MAY Birthday Wishlist

It's MAY once again.. My birthday's near.. 12days to go! Just like most of the people (if not all), I also have a birthday wishlist.. And this has been my wishlist for 4 years now.. So, I'm asking you to gift me with these items:
and other necessities
used during hospitalization..

I'll celebrate my birthday twice this month.. I'll be having a benefit dinner on May14 and then of course I'll have MAY Birthday Project, gift-giving project at Philippine General Hospital on May 22, Saturday..

We'll have the gift-giving at
Pedia Charity Wards
Neuro & Spine Surgery

Pedia ICU
So I'm asking everyone to share and donate the items we'll be needing so that we could see happy faces again, even if they are stuck on hospital bed.. They can't, but they also CAN if we will.. :D

Let's make this event a success & share what we CAN.. If you have these items to share.. Please get in touch with me at 0906-3360757 / 0923-5219600 and we'll figure out how I can get it from you on or before May 20 because we still need to pack and label it.. You can also give the items on my benefit dinner event on May 14.. :)

MAY Birthday Project 2007

MAY Birthday Project 2008

MAY Birthday Project 2009

Everyone is invited to join, just feel free to contact me.. :D


  1. Hi Kcat, count me in! Zee will be sending thru paypal. More power!

    Ai, natanggap mo na pala! Sige, it will go a long ways!

  2. super thank you talagang talaga.. yey let's celebrate our birthday! :)


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