Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Listen with a healthy hEARt

Finally! After a long period of finalizing the details, I can already post the full details..

I, together with my mom is organizing a benefit benefit birthday (my birthday is on May 13) dinner on May 14.. Thanks for the help of some of my friends & relatives, we did it!

I always wanted to organize a fund raising event.. i can't but I CAN, right? My goal for this event is: 'everyone should be happy'.. Happy tummy because of the delicious foods.. Happy spirit because of the fun during the event.. Happy soul because you help someone & be a blessing to me.. and of course HAPPY faces because we're all happy happy joy joy! Yey!

I'm also working on new items to sell, need to raise funds for my forever NF2.. Some of the proceeds will go to MAY Birthday Project (gift-giving at PGH) the following week..

Save the date, May 14 - 7:30pm at Makati Park & Garden in Guadalupe.. I made sure that the food is delicious.. :) There's also an open bar & raffle draw during the program.. ;)

For tickets, please contact my mom:
Madge Yarza - 09272459400

Ticket is P1,500 per head

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