Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheska needs our love

Please visit

We met Cheska & her mom, Ate Barbara in June 2009 at Philippine Orthopedic Center.. She was having her rehabilitation that time due to neurofibroma operation on one of her legs.. But... The tumor has grown bigger (twice as large a a heart) & it was malignant so she suffered from a lot of complications and is now fighting for her life.. My mom and I feel sad for Cheska, but nothing will happen if we'll just continue being sad for her.. So we'll help them with what we CAN.. I made a site for Cheska and designed button pins so that they could sell it and raise funds for Cheska's medication.. Every cent counts right? I'm not sure when my mom will go our supplier to have the pins made, I'll just update & post as soon as it's done.. But we can help Cheska in whatever way we can & prayer is the biggest weapon.. Prayer moves mountain..

We visited Cheska in the hospital few weeks ago.. Though I didn't get to see her, but my mom did.. She said Cheska was so skinny and looked really sick.. Her doctors are saying it's hard for her to recover..

But miracles do happen..

My mom looked back me that when I was in the hospital for 2 months in 2005, I was also fighting for my life then.. If you saw me, it seems like there wasn't any chance for me to recover again.. I was skinny, almost can't move, can't eat.. I always need to be suctioned.. But back then, my motivation to live was.. FOOD! hahaha! I was always thinking that I need to get out of the hospital & I need to get better because there are lots of foods I want to eat.. Seriously, that was what I was thinking then.. I even dream about eating & sleep-taliking about foods.. Takaw talaga! But it it was a success! ;) Since Cheska love the Jonas Brothers so much, I told ate Barbara to tell her that she should get better and fight coz she still need to meet her favorite band.. ;P FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT CHESKA! :D

If you had seen Kathrina during her worst time, I did not think that she was going to survive. But she not only survive, she bounced back, and now she's leading her own campaign in trying to better herself, trying to seek additional treatment. Best two words to describe her is number one, she is amazingly positive in her attitude. And number two, gutsy, never say die.
-Dr. Lopez (during my PROBE feature)

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