Sunday, May 16, 2010

Listened & hEARd

Last night was my Birthday Benefit dinner..

The place was full of PURPLE & YELLOW (my favorite colors!).. including me.. I'm wearing purple & yellow as well.. I blend with the tables, chair & the props which people avoid, but I did that on purpose.. I really want to blend in with the color.. but I still stand (though I'm sitting..haha) out coz I'm in a wheelchair.. Just like life, world & people.. We think that we are all the same, creatures living on earth & just one of many people.. But we CAN still stand-out as one person, right? We are still unique in our own way.. ;)

Anyway, the party was a blast minus the traffic.. Some peeps didn't get hear me talk on stage.. Syempre I demanded that I should be on the stage while delivering my welcome message.. Sa stage dapat nakaupo, para princess! Haha. ;P Kung anu-ano lang naman pinagsasabi ko.. Coz 1) I can't use a kodigo and read my speech coz I won't be able to read it clearly.. 2) I'm not sure if you (people) can understand what I'm saying clearly.. 3) the 2 reasons were just excuses.. magulo lang talaga ako magsalita! Paang walang sense ang pinagsasabi, but I think Ihave a point pa rin sa mga pinagsasabi ko.. Points pa nga.. Haha.

This was my AVP shown during the event:


It's fine that we didn't really reach our targeted amount to raise, but it was a SUCCESS! Everyone had fun & my main goal was reached, everyone was HAPPY celebrating LIFE!

Showbiz mode muna.. Thank you thank you to all the sponsors.. :D

EVERYONE: Thank you for being one of my many blessings...

Of course Super Thank you to my mom.. She was the one who prepared everything.. Darna!


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