Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music of His Right Hand's Notes

Kuya Joel Tangunan sis the voice behind the song I CAN (which was composed by my friend Armin Cruz).. Anyway, Kuya Joel needs our help so that he could continue using his God given talent in spite of being confined in a wheelchair..

Please READ this link from Kamalayang Kalayaan where Kuya Joel blogged about his story.. then let's help him.. It's alright if we can't help him in kind.. Sharing his story to you friends is a great help already.. So Read, Share, & Help.. :)

The Music of My Right Hand’s Notes
"...I do accept personalized wedding, graduation, birthday and anniversary songs or even jingle for any kinds of ads. I’m telling you this true story of my life because my right hand needs your helping hands. I’m asking your hearts to help me continue writing songs that most are never heard but humbly inspired and touched the hearts of few people who believe in my talent as a songwriter, like this very good friend of mine, Kamalayang Kalayaan who is very supportive of me since the beginning of our friendship and now he allowed me to post this to his blog site for the help I need.

I need a brand new midi piano for me to be able to compose, arrange and record my music in good quality again, because the old keyboard I had, which donated to me in 1996, is now surrendering its long service. I need an M-AUDIO Keystation 61es – 61-Key Semi-Weighted USB MIDI Controller. I need your help for me to raise Php11, 250 for this midi piano I’m dreaming to have and I’m willing to wait for that dream to become true. Please allow me to expect your help and look forward to hear from your good hearts. Let me thank you ahead for reading this story of mine and I’m hoping, wishing and praying for achieving my simple dream to make it happen with your help..."

Please email me at
or text or call at 09196988225.

you can also visit my sites…

my youtube hear some of my compositions.

my facebook account
----Joel Tangunan

Please visit this LINK. Thanks!

Btw, he's the voice behind this song:


  1. Hi,

    thanks for your really nice article.

  2. hi! thank for reading this.. let's share kuya joel's story & help him.. :) God bless!


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