Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last night was the awards night for the 'Search for Happiest Pinoy'

I didn't get the grand prize.. Maybe Mr. Winston Maximo needs the money more than I do or any of the other finalists does.. It's ok, I can raise the funds for my upcoming spine surgery (to remove the tumors on my spinal cord) and be able to walk again.. God will provide. :) and according to my mom: "almost perfect 10 for kcat in 2010!" yey!

Being part of the top 7 finalists is really a GREAT blessing! 218 entries were submitted.. I was part of the top 40.. Then top 20.. And then top 7 finalist.. and I was the youngest.. or the most in-experience in terms of public service.. I am just who I am. I AM KCAT!

I don't even smile (right now) but i'm happy! and I don't walk & move around (right now only pa rin.. haha), but I could do errands & stuffs at pwede namang ipagawa yung iba.. haha

Joining 'Happiest Pinoy' is really a great exposure for me.. Not because I want to be famous, or I want to have lots of supporters for my fund raising campaign (pero pwede rin.. bwahahaha!) But the main reason is I WANT TO SHARE MY STORY. I'm not sure why I want to. I just wanna let everyone feel the greatness of life because life is beautiful no matter what.. Ang dakila ba? But I'm happy that way. Really, truly, madly, deeply. dooo hahaha! ;P And I think real happiness is shared happiness.. But you can only share your happiness if that happiness within you is true.. Kaya smile, laugh, be HAPPY and everything will follow.. Masarap mabuhay.. tikman mo! ;P

Btw, Read my feature article at Business Mirror titled Challenged No End, She Stays Cheerful


  1. Congratulations KCAT, you are such and inspiration!

  2. thanks ms. elsie! :) God bless! :)

  3. congrats Kcat! Sana maging okay yung surgery mo. We will pray for you!

    BTW, got an award for you

  4. thanks! :) matagal pa siguro yung spine surgery ko.. but probably & hopefully this year, late this yrar (?).. hope. i have a loooong way to go pa & we still need to raise funds for that.. but ang ending naman nyan is i'll be able to walk again.. yey! :) thanks for giving me an award.. :)

  5. congratulations! stay strong! :)

  6. congrats sis, for me you are my winner, I am so glad that I had known you as a friend. Though we havent met, I can say that it is a pleasure to know someone who gives inspiration to others despite of your predicament in life. You are the epitome of hope in life.

  7. super thank you ate cielo! u give me added inspiration din naman.. super i admire your family.. pamilyang ofw.. :)


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