Wednesday, February 24, 2010


everything has a reason..

of course i know that.. and God proved it once again.. though He don't really have to.. ;)

everything has a reason..

My mom nominated me on CLIS Search for Happiest Pinoy because she believes that I met the criteria which are:
The search aims to find the happiest Pinoy who has:
1. an optimistic outlook in life
2. a cheerful disposition
3. a proven ability to rise above life's challenges
4. a positive impact in the lives of others

and because the grand prize is Php 200,000.00.. The money will befor my spine surgery. The money may not be enough but at least I'm 200K closer to getting that surgery.. but but but it seems like I don't need that spine surgery after all.. We went for a check-up with my neurosurgeon yesterday then we told him all my improvements ever since.. And he told us that I already had a lot of improvements and he don't think that a tumor in the spine is causing my weakness right now.. because if so I won't be able to move totally.. I have yet to undergo a hi-res CT Scan of my lower brain.. I hope and wish and pray it will already be detected there and there.. but my head needs to be stable first via a CT Scan.. I kept on having seizure attack lately.. Waaaah!

everything has a reason..

I don't only want to win the grand prize (for the recently concluded happiest pinoy) because of the money.. I want more people to visit my site and blog.. Not to just read about me so that I could be famous or for a higher google page rank.. I can't even get my google adsense to work.. I think it's disabled.. Waaah! But I think because everyone has a story.. And I have a story to SHARE.. And I want to share mine to everyone.. :) Why? I'm not really sure.. I just want to and I feel like everything that I went through this life is worth sharing.

everything has a reason..

I don't have to win the grand prize to be able to share my story.. Being in the top 7 finalists is already a great honor.. As in. SUPER! Do I need to repeat it? Ang astig lang.. Haha. Di lang rubbing elbows with great people, kasi ka-table ko pa sila.. Hahaha! Plus there was an article about me the next day, tumaas ang page visits ng blog ko at dumami ang nag-google ng 'kcat yarza' or 'kathrina yarza', etc haha. thanks to google analytics and statcounter, I got to monitor it.. 292 visits in 1 week. wahahaha! ;P But that's not the point.. Tumatagal naman sila to read my blog posts.. total average time is 1 hour. o diba bongga! or baka nakalimutan lang nilang i-close ang browser.. wahahaha! ;P But my real point is, they (or should say you.. hihi) get to see or have a glimpse of the beauty of life.. You can't really see it here at my site/blog, but you'll realize something in a way.. Ewan, ano ba 'tong pinagsasabi ko?! Nag-lecture na.. Teacher? Haha. Basta life is beautiful no matter what. Period No erase!

everything that happened has a reason..
everything that didn't happened has a reason..
everything that's happening has a reason..
everything that will happen has a reason..

everything has a reason..

Maybe God didn't let me have the grand prize because He knows I won't be needing it.. Maybe Mr. Winston needs it more because he is sick as well..

basta I can see a lot of (great) reasons..


  1. I still think you should have won. = ) Anyway, kahit anong mangyari, sa opinion ko ikaw pa din ang happiest pinoy.

  2. anonymous: thank you thank you.! ay bakit anonymous naman naman.. ;P basta thank you. everything has a reason.. so there's a reason din bakit anonymous ang name mo.. di ka naman siguro nakalimutang pangalanan ng mga magulang mo noh? hahaha! :))))

  3. yes u deserve to be the happiest pinoy, or all of you deserve to be the happiest pinoy.

    pero ikaw, kaya mong gumawa ng pera hehehe

    by the way, do you love hello kitty???

    naubos hello kitty necklace with purple bow ko, pero kukuha pa ako ulit next time

    teka, better yet, punta ka sa then pili ka ng 1 item na gusto mo, send ko syo hehehe

    pag wala na yung item na gusto mo, magkakaron pa ako ulit then send ko syo. pumili ka ah, hindi puendeng hindi!!!

  4. @(the lucky)ate berry tsinay -may ganun?! haha: thank you. thank you.ay kahiya naman pero why not.. ang cucute nung hello kitty na necklace.. sayang wala ng purple bow? pwedeng yun nalang pag meron na uli.. haha. i love anything purple & cat.. at dahil pusa si hello kitty, love ko rin sya.. super fave ko yung hello kitty ko na kumot.. haha.

    ay nako ate berry, isa ka naman added inspiration ko na na-inspire ko.. haha. oo nai-inspire ako sa mga in-inspire ko.. gulo ba? haha. ;P basta. kasi dati nung na-meet kita super down ka yata.. ewan ko lang.. pero yun ang impression ko when we 1st met d2 sa blogsphere.. tapos ngayon, kahit dami pa ring probs.. mas-ok ka na (i think).. pansin ko lang.. :) sabi ko nga sayo super woman ka eh.. :)

  5. oo hehe kukuha pa ako ng mga stocks ng hello kitty necklace.

    sige pag nagkaron na me, cocontact kita ulits :p

    wow natouch naman ako, pero promise, 3 times ko binasa yung may "inspire" at medyo nalito ren ako hahaha

    i guess mas ok na ako now, although ang prob ko naman is kulang yung 24 hours sa mga pinaggagagawa ko. naoccupy sobra time ko, so di ko na napapansin mga dapat pansinin???? hahaha! although dapat kong silang pansinin, pero kulang nga ako sa time, kaya di ko na pinapansin, ayun hehe, magulo ba?

  6. ok lang.. quits na tayo, parehong magulo pinagsasabi natin.. wahaha! ;P tc & God bless! kiss mo ko kay baby ivan.. extra kiss for ivan.. *mwah*

  7. hehe ayun! si ivan!!! 1 yr and 8 months na. kagabi 11pm na ako nakauwi sa bahay, then humingi sya ng milk. tulog na tulog sya eh while drinking milk. actually, tulog sya nung nakauwi ako home.

    after drinking milk, nagsalita habang nakapikit, maya maya nagising!!!! aba, 4am na natulog. pasaway na baby.

    ayan puyat ako. hahaha anyway, kahit pinuyat nya ako, ok lang :p

  8. thanks kuya sandi! God bless! :)

  9. ipagpatuloy mo lang yan.. di ka Niya pababayaan ;)

    magandang halimbawa ang iyong pinapakita sa amin at sa iba

    "The Lord bless you and keep you,
    the Lord show His face to you and have mercy on you.
    The Lord turn his countenance to you and give you peace."
    - st. francis of assisi

    to God be the glory!


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