Sunday, January 4, 2009

Twilight Survey

Who is your favorite character from the movies/books?
` edward ♥♥♥ the cullens!!! on the movie-cam gigandet hehe! but i love the book much much more!

What do you think about Edward?
` he's a vampire. wahaha! ;P

What do you think about Bella?
` pathetic esp. in new moon.. haha! ;P but lucky coz she got edward.. haha!

What do you think about Alice?
` cute. cute. i love alice! she's so adorable..

What do you think about Rosalie?
` didn't like her til the 3rd book..

What do you think about Jasper?
` opposite of alice, mate of alice..

What do you think about Emmet?
` fun & funny.. kaaliw din..

What do you think about Esme and Carlisle?
` they treat each other as if they're in love at first sight :)

What do you think about the Nomads?
` which nomad? the nomads on the 1st book? without them, twilight would be just a love story.. haha!

What makes you love Twilight so much?
` ♥ edward ♥
How many of the books have you read from the saga?
` oh yes!

Which one was your least favorite?
` new moon

Are you anticipating Midnight Sun?
` of course! i'm also waiting for the release of the official guide to twilight saga.. tagal!

Have you already seen the movie?
` yup.. 5x.. bitin pa din..

Are you upset about the cast of the movie Twilight?
` sapat lang..

Which character do you think is the most attractive on the movie?
` cam gigandet!!!

How many times do you think you're actually going to see the movie?
` watched it once on cinema & 4 times on dibidi.. and labo syempre..

Which scene in the book/movie is your favorite?
` book: twilight-meadow, new moon-italy, eclipse-10 best nights, breaking dawn-clearing (cullens vs. volturi) movie: ballet studio scene.. coz i heard it! hehe. ;P

When Robert Pattinson first appeared on the screen, did you yell?
` no. he's not edward cullen from the book.. he just played the role of edward.. i ♥ edward, the one in the book..

Did anything in the movie/first book make you cry?
` no

u know, OCD.. Hehe!

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