Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fabulous, Inspiring Blogger & You Make My Day Award

Wow! 3 awards! 3 awards! 3 awards! This is my first award for the year.. and it really made my day.. Thans to my NFBF (New Found Blogger Friend ;P) Rechie.. Thanks! Thanks!

Fabulous Award

Inspiring Blogger Award

You Make My Day Award

With or without the rules, I want to give this award to some of my blogging friends too.. They've been a great part of my 2008, and for sure we'll remain friends thru 2009 and beyond.. :)

I'm giving this to:

MommyCool - I'm so glad to meet her.. ever ever! I felt kinda sad when I read read that she's already closing her blog.. But not that disappointed because our friendship is deeper than blogging.. I also felt sad for her because I could sense that letting go of her blog is really hard for her.. But then she came back! Woohoo! She realized that blogging is part of her life now and she can't live without it.. Welcome back MommyCool! *mwah*

Ate Berry Tsinay - the superwoman! I salute ate berry for being the superwoman that she is.. Supermom na! She said she isn't strong, but she is.. She's a career woman, a loving wife to kuya choco, Sweet mom to cutie Ivan, very foxy business woman & a kick-ass blogger! Told you she's a superwoman..

Ate Cielo - she's my ate here in blogging world.. She's really a cool mom to her kids.. I admire her family.. They're so open, yet close to each other.. Her husband is an OFW, but it seems like there nothing missing.. For me, they ate Cielo's family is an ideal Pamilyang OFW.. Of course, they have their share of ups & downs, w/c is normal.. She's a career woman & business woman too..

Ate Adie - I really love how she & her sisters has a very strong bond.. Her stories about it makes me smile (smile-of course not literally.. haha) and laugh.. I like her style of blogging, she relays everything that's going on her life.. She's makwento..

Satona - she's my NFBF (New Found Blogger Friend) from Indonesia.. I met her through Entrecard, though she doesn't have EC anymore.. But we still remained friends.. She never fails to greet me & ask me how I'm doing especially when we're both online on Plurk.. Sometimes, she writes on her blog with Indonesian language, I can't understand it but that doesn't stop me from dropping a 'hi' or 'hello' on her cbox.. Some of the Indonesian words are alike with Tagalog words though..


  1. thanks talaga sa mga awards na bnibgay I wish nagagawa ko...sorrie not geeky gaya mo paste lang d pa alam...sobrang thanks and here's a big **HUGS** for you, love you mwah!

  2. lapit na gift ko...waaiiiittt lang hah... :)

  3. yung gift ko sa'yo & sa inyo.. tomorrow or friday na dadating jan sa house nyo.. yipee! :D

  4. wow dami hehehhe thanks.

    post ko agad pag nalagay ko na

  5. haluuuu salamat na madami , I posted it here...

  6. Hey girl! Thanks for the awards sobra! Na-touch naman ako sa sinabi mo about me :)

    I already posted this one. Salamat sobra uli! God bless!

    Happy weekend!

  7. Thanks for receiving the awards Kcat. I am glad to meet you here in the blogging world.

  8. @rechie: thnks for this award.. i love tags & awards.. glad 2 meet u 2 of course.. *wah* *mwah* *mwah*


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