Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Habang may tenga, may pag-asa

I am Maria Kathrina ‘Kcat’ Yarza. I was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) in 2004. Complications of the tumor growth in my brain changed my vision and gave me numbness/weakness in my left arm and legs which made me partially disabled. The fluid build-up in my brain and the bilateral acoustic schwannomas gradually affected my hearing. In January 2006, I totally lost my hearing. I was prepared to face the world of silence and accept what was happening to me but I never lost hope that MIRACLES do happen. And they did! I came across the Auditory Brainstem Implant on the internet, and this was the start of another journey in my life. I launched my hEAR (Help my EAR hEAR) campaign.
I designed shirts and sold them to raise funds for my implant. I underwent a series of tests: audiometric tests, ASSR, and EAM/promontory stimulation to assess if I would benefit from the Cochlear Implant. It was a positive result—my left auditory nerves were still viable! In April 2008, I had my Cochlear Implantation, very rare for a NF2 patient and the moment of truth happened on May 16, 2008, my SWITCH ON. I heard the sounds of the world after 2 years of silence. My CI worked! Currently, I can now detect more environmental sounds and identify male vs. female voices. I know it may take more time to understand those sounds, but soon I will be able to hEAR you all again . . . clearly.

***my poster for aanoa. panalo ang model syempre! haha!


  1. you are really an inspiration sis...thanks for sharing your story

  2. thanks jhelea! tc n God bless! :)

  3. ikaw talaga tanck, serious akong nagbabasa ng post mo, tapos biglang may model-effect comment ka

    natawa tuloy ako

    anyway, we'll wait for you to announce to us all na nakaka-hear ka na clearly

    we'll wait for that


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