Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Products

Hello super friendly friends! My hEAR campaign is a success and my cochlear implant is a success.. Thanks for your prayers and support.. *mwah* *mwah* *mwah* I'm hearing now.. Though I still can't understand sounds clearly.. Soon. Soon. But I can already recognize every sound..

Anyway, my fund raising is still ongoing.. MY CI isn't fully paid yet and I'm raising funds for that.. I always find ways, so here's the way.. I'm selling new line of products, of course by me.. :) This is my way of sharing what I can..

I'm now selling Purple Wristbands for 60pesos with the words: I CAN & LIFE MUST GO ON engraved on it; and Button Pins for 35pesos with the quotes I lived by..

plus the hEAR shirts & the I CAN posters..


  1. hello sis touched naman ako sa story ng buhay mo...all the while I thought pasan ko na ang mundo pero there you are so strong in spite of the many I cant's in your life....thanks for inspiring me you have a paypal account?

  2. hello! hello jhelea! thanks! thanks! i have a paypal account; i have a donate button on my sidebar actually.. but it would be better if you'll buy something from me.. tc n God bless! :)


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