Friday, March 21, 2008

Not so.. Slim or Fat?

90lbs > 130lbs. > 122lbs > 115lbs

when i was super skinny, everyone was saying "magpataba ka nga!"..
after gaining (too much) weight, my doctors advised me to go on a diet..
i lose a little weight, konti pa..
recently, i often get comments like:"ang payat mo na!" & "kumain ka nga!"

kwento muna..

my parents brought me to the ER of lourdes hosp. (again!) lastnight..
no i didn't choke nor hyperventilated again.. my tonsil is aching.. i can't eat normally.. as if i swallow normally.. haha! :P during my drama last monday, my mom inserted her finger in my mouth to press my tonsils.. ouch naman! she said, i might wake up from the tonsil-pinching.. eh hindi! nasugatan pa tonsil ko! ouch again! ok so the drama's over.. when i was at home doing my usual hobby, eating while on the computer! haha! i felt like my tonsils are aching.. i assumed it's because of the sweets i ate, eat and will be eating.. hehe! but the pain worsen.. super sakit! i lost my appetite.. i choose to sleep than eat.. sakit talaga! promise! then yesterday, while i was taking my afternoon nap, my mom told me that we'll have it check by a doctor.. i said later, i'm too lazy and sleepy.. eh when i woke up, it was already past 7pm.. goodluck! so she'll bring me to the ER instead.. ayun.. it might be tonsilitis.. but it's not! they gave me a candy-sort-of-anesthesia.. it didn't made the pain disappear but it lessens, a bit.. basta yun.. masakit pa din.. i hope the pain goes away na.. if it's still here by monday, we'll have check with my ENT na..

so yun.. before going home, i checked my weight muna.. of course i was guided by my dad and the nurse in the reception area.. he was karen's classmate in st. johns pero i dunno the name eh.. basta siya na yun!
oh my! ang payat ko na!

ngayon naman, i need to gain weight! ang labo noh?

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