Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Choking! I'm not Joking..

i woke up at 3pm yesterday.. haha!

so i ate merienda a.k.a. lunch at 4pm.. when iwas almost done eating.. i felt something different.. i'm not sure what.. basta i ang gulo-gulo!!! my mind was so mixed up.. i kept on switching the channel on tv.. and the i called talitha and shouted "ta!" when i opened my eyes, i was already in an ambulance.. i was half awake when i was brought inside the ambulance.. when i fully woke up, i was already in the ER of the lourdes hospital.. i was given an oxygen.. tapos yun.. i was ok na! then i chest x-ray.. i was discharge immediately since i'm ok already.. no need to stay in the hospital for long.. sa april7 pa! hehe. i was choke daw.. i really have a hard time swallowing foods.. it takes me an hour to finish a regular-size meal.. my swallowing worsen before.. i can't totally swallow my food.. i even had hard time chewing.. that's why had an NGT tube in my nose, then was later transferred to my stomach.. after months of not being able to taste the food, i'm eating, i was tube-less! though i still have hard-time swallowing.. i choke at times.. but just mild choking.. hehe. i also choke my food when i hyperventilated because of the drama in our home.. hehe. thank God! i'm already ok now.. i was kinda dizzy and had a mild headache when i got home around 7pm.. after taking a bath, i hurriedly went to sleep.. when i wke up around 2am, i was already OK! woohoo!

btw, thanks my nurse-neighbor-friend karen!

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