Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'll be able to hear on my birthday..

my mom woke me up this morning because of a super great news.. at first i was kinda pissed because she woke me up in the middle of a dream and i can't understand what she's saying.. eh syempre naalimpungatan.. she mentioned: dra. chiong, april7, schedule, etc. until i got it.. a bit.. i just saih: "ahh.." then i closed my eyes again and thought of what i just read from my mom's mouth (if i'm not deaf, the word is as simple as HEARD. haha).. this time it really really registered in my mind, then i blurted out: "MAKAKARINIG NA KO SA BIRTHDAY KO"
yes! yes! yes! ang galing lang.. when i knew that i'll still be deaf on my birthday, i prayed and wished and hope that it's the other way around (i'll be able to hear on my birthday.. paulit-ulit naman!).. though it's ok with me if not.. what's important is i'm going to hear again.. this summer.. woohoo! i was super duper over happy about it.. then in the afternoon, we went to med-el office in alabang to finalize everything with ms. maribel and get the documents for pcso, pagcor, etc. ANG SAYA-SAYA! sabi ko nga: "i can't smile, but i'm happy" happy happy joy joy talaga!

here's dra. chiong's text message to me last christmas (share ko lang..ang saya eh):

I wish you more blessings for the coming year and here's to thank you for the simple joy of knowing a person like you. I am praying that we can make your dream of hearing again come true soon with God's help.
-Dr. Charlotte Chiong

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