Thursday, December 6, 2007


super unexpected.. we ordered 200 shirts.. then 500.. then 1,000.. then.. then.. then.. then..

when i first thought about my shirt fund raising project, i was only thinking that my market would be just my friends, relatives, their colleagues and friends.. and some random people din.. then i created i was fascinated with online selling at multiply kasi.. me too! inggitera ako eh! :P then i send email to my friends about my shirts and asked them to forward it and send it to their friends as well.. ayun! ang laki na ng market ko! galing! :) then i received a text message from anne yosuico, an abs-cbn reporter for news central..
Hi Katrina. This is Anne Yosuico from Abs-cbn news. Taj Aquino (my cousin.. thank u tlga taj! she emailed it kasi to all her friends and yahoogroups) emailed me about your story. I'd like to do a feature on you, it might help or not, what do you think?
And it did help a lot! Super dami ng orders.. as in.. saya-saya! then few days before the my feature story on news central was aired, i received another text message..
Hi kcat. good pm. this is katrina from the probe team. I read your story in an email and we'd like to feature you on probe. How may i get in touch with you?
wow probe! saya diba? super great! great! great! super overwhelming talaga! u've watched it naman siguro.. so yun.. ang saya diba?

then few days after my probe shooting (wahahaha! shooting!) cathy of y speak called my mom she said they want to interview (for vtr) me since their topic will be "youth suicidal".. bakit nga naman kasi i'm not commiting suicide? wahahaha! ganon ba yun? ang sarap kaya mabuhay.. tikman mo! hehe. :P it will be aired pa lang on saturday 7:30pm on studio23.. watch kayo ah.. :)

super i'm not expecting everything pero i'm positive about it.. galing talaga! dati i'm inspiring my friends and relatives daw.. ngayon kung sino-sino na.. hehe. dami fans.. joke. pero promise di ko talaga sinasadya.. hehe! :P i'm just an ordinary citizen like you.. mas magaling ka pa siguro sakin.. pero there are a lot of great things out of that ordinary kaya parang ang galing-galing.. charot lang yun.. try mo! :P

basta stay positive. period.

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