Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Gift

I'll be featured in News Central again on their Year End Special on December 25 at 10:30 pm (watch me again para masaya!).. ayun.. 1st question was how does it feel like to be a celebrity? yayks! celebrity daw oh.. haha! seriously that's anne's (the reporter) question.. kakatawa promise! haha! kasi i'm just an ordinary person lang talaga.. i'm just normal like you.. i may not look normal (ay oo hindi talaga!) pero i'm normal talaga.. basta sinabing normal ako eh.. normal na abnormal! hahaha! but i'm super happy not only because i got more shirt buyers and raising more funds(yeah! selling like hotcakes.. seriously), i'm also gaining new friends! ang saya! galing galing! i'm getting more than what i wished for.. syempre i'll get the ABI.. next year! woohoo! the nicest thing about all the media exposures is I'M GAINING NEW FRIENDS! grabe ang saya! promise! that's my Christmas present from God this year.. masyado raw madami kaya He sent it it me na kahit wala pang Christmas.. dami pa kasi dadating.. galing noh? Lord next year uli ah.. :P

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