Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thank You Lord

i got this from geff's bulletin post in friendster.. wala lang.. post ko din dito.. i just feel like it.. holy eh.. :P

Heavenly Father,

We thank You Lord for answering our
prayers, we surrender & release
everything to You. We thank You for
all those who prayed with us, those who
showed their compassion & stayed with
him to give him comfort and care.

Blessed Savior, we give You thanks for
the successful operation, we continue
to pray that he may receive your
healing hands. In moments of weakness,
we turn to You for strength. In times
of pain, we feel Your loving nearness.
Grant that Your life, love and joy may
flow through him for his absolute

We will never question of the reasons
why it happened because the mere fact
that he is still with us today fighting
not only for himself but for his family
as well is a glorious miracle & a sign
of Your greatness that we will recall

Exodus 15:26 “…..I am the Lord who
heals you.”

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