Thursday, August 30, 2007


UNDERKCAT is back! wooohooo! it's been a week since i thought my blog was missing.. i really dunno what happened.. i panicked because my account suddenly disappeared.. every time i logged in, it says there's no such.. then when i go to my link, it says: page not found.. so, i emailed support a lot of times.. makulit kung makulit! i keep on telling them that this blog is so important to me, etc.. etc.. but i never stop visiting the link.. i've been seeing the Page Not Found a lot of times a day.. until this morning, i went to betty's blog to post my new blog link in her shoutout box.. then i clicked duh TumoRaider from her duhBloggers links.. and i was so surprised to see my old blog.. i can't believe it, my blog's really back! so i type the link again in other browser and there it is again.. my blog! woohoo! i was so happy! happy! joy! joy!

don't worry, i won't abandon this new blog.. i'll cross-post everything i'll be writing in UNDERKCAT..

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