Monday, August 27, 2007

I've Moved on

OK, i'm ready to blog again.. i've been so sad these past few days.. my old blogger account ( suddenly disappeared without notice.. I was so sad.. i even cried.. parang break-up lang.. hehe. we've been together for four years.. boypren! haha! i've been writing there most of my sentiments and experience as an NF2 patient.. hayy! whenever i read my old posts and remember what i've gone through, it really motivates me to continue fighting and keep the positive spirit.. this is so sad.. i was really affeted by what happened.. but i'm not letting continue to affect me.. it's just a blog.. i just wrote it.. what's important is what i felt and how it help me become a stronger person.. plus, i even touched lives (sana nga)..

i just got my blogging enthusiasm back.. i kept on signing up for different blogging services these past few days.. but i always end-up just staring blankly on the posting page.. or i keep on changing my template / theme.. i really can't write anything.. i don't wanna write because it just makes me feel sad.. until i decided to change my blog host and sign-up with a different one.. the process goes on and on.. parang rebound ba.. hehe. until i got back to this blogger account i first made after UNDERKCAT's disappearance (parang tao lang).. then i remembered my old post, "life must go on.." yeah! yeah! something bad may happen but who knows that bad could be a way for something good to happen, right? besides, the world won't stop for you just because something went wrong.. deal with it nalang.. live with it! ayos!

well, maybe your thinking, why the hell did i still signed-up for blogger even though they lost my old blog? i dunno.. i'm just used to this.. and i'm not bitter anymore.. haha! boypren talaga! it's ok, i've been crossed-posting from blogger to the other blogs i've signed-up.. para madami! ang saya!

i just realized, my secret blog was also lost together with UNDERKCAT.. ok rin, the secret will never be out.. teka, baka nagtanan sila! haha!

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  1. Hey, thanks for this. Now I know I need to back-up my blog at least once a month. Blogger I believe has this. Kahit pa hindi naman Shakespeare mga sinulat ko, very personal pa rin para sa akin yun. Genuine effort given to each and every entry though one might be better than another -- they are all my "children" (hindi boypren, lol).

    And yes, I am backreading your posts.


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