Saturday, September 1, 2007

No Sound

my hearing tests were re-scheduled.. when? i dunno? i was kinda excited for it because i'll be able to know already if the loud sound i hear is actually a sound or just vibration (i keep on protesting that i just feel it in my heart.. ang drama eh noh? hehe) though i'm hoping that i'm wrong.. whenever i hear the loud banging of the door in the cr, noynoy's super loud music, the drums during fiesta, maro's hammering of things, or the oh-so-loud and superrr long thunderstorm. i just say: "basta alam ko!" how did i knew? i'm not so sure.. basta alam ko! dra. chiong said it's sound waves.. s skull ko daw galing.. sabi ko sa heart.. damang-dama ko eh.. wahaha! i'll be able to know sana but something went wrong in the auditing ek-ek in pgh since it's a private property (of dra. chiong).. ah basta, hindi daw pwede! boo! anyway, it's ok though coz i haven't reviewed for that 2 tests yet.. hahaha!

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