Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sound Booth

if i got a grade of 0 on my hearing test when learned i'm totally deaf (that was january 2006), now i got grade of 65?! hehe. it really isn't the passing grade, but it's better than getting nothing, right?

i had a hearing test last tuesday.. but i still need to undergo another hearing test.. the one i had recently was the ordinary hearing test.. the other one is for the auditory nerve something-something.. i still dunno when i'll have it done.. basta surprise nalang.. hehe.

i already had a lot of hearing tests before, so i already know how it's done.. the audiologist didn't really had a hard time explaining what i am supposed to do with the buzzer.. everytime you hear something, yung press the button.. at first, parang wala lang.. i was just holding the buzzer para may mahawakan lang.. hehe. wala talaga! ang corny! parang walang lang.. then came another style (basta yun na yon!), basta sa bones sa ear.. right ear first, nothing still.. then the audiologist place the earphone to my left ear.. aba! aba! i heard the toot.. i immidiately press the button.. excited eh.. haha! and another.. woohoo! i was able to press the buzzer twice! it's the same sound with what i'm always claiming to be just something i felt.. aba! akalain mo nga naman.. ;P

while i was inside the sound both, with earphones in my ear and buzzer on my hand.. i keep on praying: "Lord sana pindutin ko 'to.." at yun nga!

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