Monday, August 18, 2014

#HappyBirthdayDonBosco Celebration

My siblings and I were planning to eat out and watch a movie when the month of August came but Talitha suggested, "Sa birthday ni Don Bosco nalang tayo umalis." And DB birthday celebration it is! Janna, Dong, my mom and Tito Jun also joined us for dinner. We were supposed to dine at Bannaple but since it is outside Greenhills Shooping Center and it was raining kinda hard, we decided to just eat at Greenhills Promenaded. Banana Leaf it is!

Talitha, Janna, Dong and I went at Folded and Hung Salon first coz the ends of my hair is really really dry and I hate it!

Not accepting PWD ID? Okay.
I love the outcome of my hair but but but ... they didn't honor my PWD ID. When Talitha told them about it, that there should be a PWD discount, the girl in the cashier was supposed to call the management but nevermind; we we're kinda in a hurry coz my mom, maro & Tito Jun were already there. Next time. Maybe? Or maybe not. I really hope they would do something about that.

It's a miracle! There ain't no food pics. Mga gutom? Anyway, we ordered: Pad Thai, Nasi Goreng, Chinese Kangkong, Hainanese Chicken, Orange Chicken, Beef Rendang, Honey Garlic Sparibs, and 2 Penang Fried Rice.


My share :)

Bought pasalubong for Teacher Michelle!
Photo from
Discount = P73 (20%)

And then Talitha, Maro and I were left there coz we watched  Guardians of Galaxy.
After the movie

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