Friday, July 18, 2014

Sushi Friday

Talitha & I have been meaning to try Genji M's sushi buffet coz they are generous with their promos. Luckily they have this 3-Day Unlimited Sushi & Rolls for P100 today until Sunday. Wow!

We love sushi!
Sushi dinner with the famm, Maro had bulgogi

The unli-sushi comes with a soup and iced tea...super sulit! The crew were very friendly and accommodating. The place was spacious enough for my wheelchair. Even the CR is big  plus there was a cubicle for PWDs with the grills and all. The only flaw that Genji M has is that it has no wheelchair ramp. I thought there was coz I saw a wheelchair ramp in this photo, eh sa kapitbahay pala nila yun :P I'm actually okay with it since I can walk through the stairs but having no wheelchair ramp limits the other PWDs from entering the resto. Yes, they (w/ the wheelchair) can be carried up, pero diba? Hassle. Aside from the non-existent ramp, everything was great!


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