Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturdate KAIN

6 minus 3 plus 3 divided by 2
(Add Lea, Kokie and Sarah in the equation. Go figure.)
Someone's craving for Baskin' Robbins ice cream, so off we go to  BGC and I just have to say this: Pau was the first to arrive!!!

But we have to eat dinner first & celebrate Madie's birthday at Kabisera (ng Dencio's)
We almost forgot to take a picture of the foods, but we forgot to capture the Kare-Kare
Been craving for Dencio's sisig nga pala.. Cravings satisfied.

And then.. Baskin' Robbins! The line was so long... but GO!

Ours was hokey pokey & jamoca, I forgot the other flavors. Madie & Mau had Jamoca too

It's worth the wait. Will be coming back with the GYA Peeps, palipasin muna ang mahabang pila!
Empty cup times 3.


  1. Cookies n cream, choco chip for pau and angel. Jamoca almond fudge & mango something for madie n mau


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