Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's eat Yema Cake!

After watching "Let's Eat", a Korean Foodie Rom-Com Drama, I told myself: "Ako rin, gusto kong ma-post ng ganyan sa blog ko!"

There was a foodie blog in the drama owned by one of the mains characters. He only uploads photos of empty dishes because an empty plate is sign that the food was delicious. Get the drift? I wanna post the before & after naman.

I'm neither a food critic nor a food blogger so don't expect food reviews or something like that; I'm doing this because I LOVE FOOD! Game.

Yema Cake by Timmy's Oven
My 2nd plate
Ang saraaap! I kept on telling Mrs. C (Cathy) how yummy her yema cake is. It's not too sweet (some cakes are deliciously sweet that it hurts on the throat kasi). I love her mamon/sponge cake & I (we) love her brazo de mercedes..combine it together, it's Timmy's Oven super yummy yema cake!
More please!

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