Tuesday, June 17, 2014

8th MAY Birthday Project 2014

It’s been a month since our annual gift-giving affair at Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and of course it was a success once again!

Happy Volunteers (JCL Photography)

When we started with the gift-giving in 2007, we could only give them a small plastic bag of items, toys and foods and as the year goes by more and more people got involved and were able to share A LOT — a lot of toiletries and necessities, a lot of toys, a lot of foods, a whole lot of fun, encouragement and hope.

Family, friends, friends of friend, friends of friends of friends and so on — all of these people are called blessings; blessings that we share on MAY Birthday Project.

Before we start the gift-giving in each ward, I gave a short introduction and words of encouragement. The words that came out of my mouth were varied since that’s how I talk…magulo (as in kung anu-ano sinasabi, ask michelle)!!! But I made sure to tell them, “Habang may buhay, may pag-asa” it may sound cliché, but it is true and I can testify to that! And that they are not alone, we care and we are there to share.
Our “Angel” family friend invited puppeteers who performed for the kids in Pedia Ward.

The magicians of The Story Circle WOWed everyone with their magic tricks again.




My mom bought a mini megaphone a couple of months before, but the sound that comes out from it isn’t good. Boo. Good thing Maro’s former teacher, Ms. Vei Familara joined us and brought her microphone & portable mini speaker (that she use in teaching) with her. Yey! We didn’t need to shout and raise our voices when talking to in the wards and giving instructions to the volunteers.

Ward 9 & 11 – Pedia, Ward 6 – Neurosurgery






Pedia ICU, Neuro ICU
Pedia ICU
Neuro ICU

When we reached in front of the ICU, I blurted out, “Ang sarap!” because of the cold air that’s coming out from the air-conditioned room. Then I realized, that even with this hot weather, we’re still so lucky because we are not the ones who are inside that ICU.

This boy in the Pedia ICU kept on crying and won't let the doctor inject him. We gave him toys, he stopped crying then cried once again, we gave him 'doctor-doctoran' toy and my mom said, "Para may pang-injection ka rin kay doctora" He was so happy with his toy and became calmer.
My mom, Maro’s friends, Mr. & Mrs. C brought the bags, diapers & stuff at the Nursery on the 5th floor while we were at Ward 6.

106 happy people joined us in the hot afternoon of May 17, 2014. It was really tiring and exhausting but seeing happy and grateful faces of the patients and guardians drove all the exhaustion away.

Yes, that's Chicken Joy!
But but but...Dear Volunteers, you forgot to give them the spoon & fork. Lagot. :P

It’s our 8th time doing this and I’m still overwhelmed! Ang galing galing! Pangako. We never imagined it to be this big, as in! THANK YOU so much for all your help!!!


Here’s a video by JBphoto (Joel Bonotan). This video makes me feel giddy every time I watch it! Kilig!
“Nothing beats the feeling of bringing joy and happiness to other peoples heart.” – Jbphoto

Thank you cheerful givers!
Neil Gosingtian, Jezzamin Mingi, Ms. Rina Hizon, Lenamarie Mendoza, Sir Jean Henri Lhuillier, Dianne Tobias, Tippy Pelayo-Go, Donn Rapaldo, Mrs. Ramos, Nida Termulo, Rose "Iche" De Leon, Mark Baniqued, Nita Siazar, Armin Cruz, Vernon Cuz & family, Emarlyn Ang, Donn Rapaldo, Sen. Sonny Trillanes, Apple Santos Raymundo, Mary Ann Cho, Jonathan Reyes, Lizzie Meriño, Jeff Policarpio, April Policarpio-Lopez, Raissa Imperio, Kris Villareal, Mayor Benhur Abalos, Lisa Añasco Javier, Irene Querijero, Jeus Joaqin, David Mallari, Barbara Alterman Gloria, Maricres Abril, Edilberto Siman, Cherrylyn Gresola, Raquel Abriza, Ma. Querubin Bautista, Clarinda Layba & Line 4, Sharon Castillo, Ryan Lapitan & Jonna Pilapil, Catherine Turaray, Olivia Casano, Bailon Basbas, Krislie Kate, Rilveria, Chris Abalos, Theresa Legaspi, Rona Gallardo-Karuning, Greggson Fronda, IPC Group, Rosalie Tebelin, Grin Reyes, Jen Cleofe Arellano, SG Family Bin Mahmoud, Winnie & Joel Aguilar, Len & Nonong Torio, Sandra Cutangco, Brigitte Villanueva, Zeny Olba, Jenifer Sta Ana Pradez, Tina Stoken, Maria Belen Arellano, Patrick Cordero, Ghina Sarmiento Nuñez, Cha Kho, Lola Linda Remigio & family, Vic Paredes, Beth & Jan & Yuki Pfeil, Sandi Martin, Oabel Family, Lamoiyan Inc., Happee Toothpaste, Kutitap Toothpaste, Cecile Pesayco, Evelyn Ganaban & family, Owie Pascual, Adie Asis, Ivy Malimbal, SC Johnson, Off! Lotion, Jaq Manapsal, Victor Cajarito, Jean Toledo Dumlao, Volts and Rizza Garcia, Tes Bandelaria, Norie Luico Pitallar, Richard Vinas, Daniel James Castro, Myla Araja, Aleah Sanchez, Merica Bunganay, May Bias, Mac Ramos, Kathy Yu, Cris Hilvano, Irene Hong, Alex Dalagan, Cy Santos, Myrtle Florendo, Andy Napay, EJ Asis, Rain Manuel, Julius Manuel, Zig Noscal, Iya Fradillada, Ryan Madera, Carina Adino, SCJ Marketing team, Cyliena Soap, Victoria Matutina & family, Hilda Sagala-Ruiz, Dra. Trisha Mallari & family, Dra. Regina Lugares, Joan Mendez, Nermie Calling & family, Jiji Olarte, Sheila Quiñones & family, Jet Ramos, Mayet Ramos, Timmy's Oven, Goldilocks Bakeshop, Liamjas Balloons.

Two months prior to the event, I started campaigning about my birthday project and help kept coming since that day. Sir Jean Henri Lhuillier, the CEO and president of PJ Lhuillier Inc., was again the first to respond to my email despite his busy schedule. Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos has always been a supporter of the birthday project ever since he offered to help in 2012. A couple of friends offered to collect and solicit donations in my behalf. All I did was to sit in front of my computer and the donations kept coming in. My NF friend Sugar was able to get help from Senator Antonio Trillanes’ office. Another NF friend, Ate Cecile to had her friend donated boxes of adult diapers. My friend Arpee was able to hook me up with Lamoiyan Inc. who donated boxes of Hapee and Kutitap toothpaste. It was HAPEEness indeed! My Highschool friend, Dianne and her colleague Ivy got the rest of their co-employees involved and wrote a letter to their company, SC Johnson who donated 250 bottles of OFF! lotion. Goldilocks bakeshop sent 200 pieces of their signature fluffy mamon, which I personally handed to each patient because I like interacting with them too. Cyleina soap sent a box full of their organic soap for the patients to use. Miss Vicky and her kids made 150 pieces of loom bracelets all from scratch to share with the kids. My friend Adie, the CEO of Asian Institute of Computer Studies (AICS) has been going around from town to town doing works for the school but she always made sure to spare a day for the project — personally buying the items and delivering it. I feel so blessed with a lot of people in my life this is why I am also able to share.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the event!
Veluz Divino, Lyn Dela Cruz, Jacky Maranan, Celina Bergonio, Nicole Tibayan, Paula Tibayan, Johnellie Palafox, Lenny Secor, Rino Tibayan, Angie Tibayan, Athan Tibayan, Jun Lopez, Jhayden Bergonio, JB Bergonio, Michelle Tuason, Kariz Banico, Maribel Banico, Isjan Valenciano, Jerome Orbista, Mang Lopez, Laarni Gueta, Chrislan Sulapas, Nida Termulo, Almir Mendoza, Marlene Siit, Daisy Sy, Jeff Sy, Gianne Tan, Dane Lagunero, Timmy Carandang, Vixen Gauza, Cecilia Quiñones, Joceline Quiñones, Sheila Quiñones, Mary Ann Quiñones, Judelyn Basmayor, Leticia Gonzales, Matthew Gabriel, Louie Corbito, TJ Gabriel, Randie Silva, Mara Villarico, Rhauzel Joshua Gonzales, Lorena Batica, Roselle Atienza, Bene Loyola, Kathreen Banico, Camille Loyola, Andi Hilado, Nnermis Calling, Adrianne Calling, Patrick Calling, Paolo Calling, Cecile Pesayco, Roland Prudente, Jonalyn Bano, Sugar Aguhob, Marlene Siit, Abhie San Pedro, Nhei San Pedro, Mikko Reyes, Joel Bonotan, Ivy Magparangalan, Aileen Magparangalan, Lhei Alquero, Christine Joy Carian, Rodolfo Aldrin Corsino, Persival Vasquez, Joel Marisga, Chit Tribiana, Mark Andrei Tribiana, Jiji Olarte, Rochelle Bayonito, Gomer Redillas, Rona Gallardo, Maricres Abril, Tet Viado, Joni Viado, Diana Swank, Christine Litimco, Clareth Santos, Lizzie Meriño, Noemi Alegre, Sheila Alegre, Chris Lina, Alfonso Catacutan, Jay Garcia, Arbien Sonza, Andre Guttierez, Patrick Calling, Paolo Calling, Robert Mallonga, King Lugares, Dong Reyes, Janna Lopez, Jim Lopez, Moises Cansino, Cathy Cansino, Timmy Cansino, Jodee Alquero, Erwen Erfe, Venus Famiara, Rica Del Rosario, Hedy Tan.

There were a number of people who weren't able to participate this year but there were a couple of new faces who joined us. 106 people from different walks of life were able to spread happiness and give hope to 200 patients of PGH charity wards.

Mang, my grandma, is a pioneer of MBP. She makes to a point to join us each year. She even joins the repacking of items. We told her that she don't need to join anymore because it's so hot and she might easily get exhausted because she's weaker now...but she refused to be left behind.

Timmy was our youngest volunteer. He too insisted on coming along his parents, Mr. C & Mrs. C, because he wanted to do the gift-giving too. Too bad he's not allowed to go inside the wards, but he'll surely be able to join us soon. Look at my cousin Nicole & my brother Maro; they were not allowed to enter the wards before because they're still too young.

Mang & Timmy stayed at the quadrangle.
Timmy said, "Babantayan ko ang Mang."
Since May is Neurofibromatosis (NF) awareness month and coincidently, May 17 was World NF Awareness day, we were joined again by my NF Friends during the event. It’s our way of letting everyone know that being sick and looking different from others isn’t a hindrance for us to share and care because NF is not contagious!



Foods & drinks for the volunteers were provided by Joni, Tet & Vaughn Viado! Thank you for letting me meet your parents Baby Jon +

With Joni & Tet for NF Awareness
And since it was Maro's birthday that day, he's friends joined us as well. 


Few days after my birthday gift giving last month, I found myself in a “Test of Faith” once again. With the overwhelming support that we’ve received, what started as a small project eight years ago has become so big that more and more people are looking forward to every year. It had me thinking that with my limitations, will I be able to continue with it? Of course I want to. I really really want to, but it also means that I have to depend on my love ones to do all of the leg-work because I can’t do anything but sit in front of my computer. I know it’s not a burden for them but I can’t help but feel that way. 

I almost wanted to give up. Almost. But I was able to pass this Test of Faith once again. Please pray with us that we can continue doing this for as long as I am alive, breathing, and celebrating my birthday.

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