Sunday, December 29, 2013

My PWD-friendly Staycation at One Pacific Place Serviced Residences

Recently, Talitha & I had an overnight staycation at One Pacific Place Serviced Residences along H.V. de la Costa Street in Makati City. And a PWD-friendly staycation, that is.

Checked in (at Foursquare? LOL). Signed the guest form.

There’s our bag. Purple bag.
While waiting, I saw these:
PWD Toilet on the right
Service wheelchair on the left
Since it’s only Talitha & I, we were really hoping that this will be a relaxing stay where we don’t have to worry about my PWD needs. The wheelchair and signage can easily be spotted at the lobby area and I took that as a sign that this will be a worry-free stay.

After our booking was processed, we were ushered to our room.


Here. Room 3707.

You need to insert the key card in order to open

The room is neither big nor small but it is spacious enough for us to move around from here and there — especially for me.



Mirror Selfie with Talitha 

Welcome drinks while talking about where to where to go next
(meeting over drinks ang peg)

And then off we go to a nearby resto just a few blocks away. I love it that the sidewalk are big and accessible (except for the ramps that were allowed to be blocked by vehicles). Unfortunately, the building where "this resto" is isn't accessible to wheelchair (there's no ramp on the building!), I needed to use the stairs in order to get there. Though it's alright with me since I CAN, but how about other PWDs who can't? Too bad their foods are delish.

Anyway, it was an easy walk (err, roll) going back to the hotel. We're welcomed with smiling and courteous staff again.

gotta brush my teeth before I change my clothes
♫ brush brush brush your teeth, brush it every day ♫ kathrina celina jonathan valerie cristopher ♫ (to the tune of row row row your boat)

I love it that there's a sink beside a few steps away from the bed. I brushed my teeth and cleaned my face on my own without any help.

And also this:

There's a railing I can hold on to

Good Morning!
Buffet breakfast for 2 ♥
 The Strand CafĂ©

very friendly and accommodating staff

PWD Toilet near the lobby area

After the filling breakfast, we headed to the 6th floor to check out the pool, gym and other amenities they offer.

We were not in the mood for a swim though. Besides, the weather is somewhat cold since it's December. But we enjoyed playing around the poolside and lounging on the cabanas / bed.

We also checked out the gym. The fitness instructor (Coach Jerry?) was really nice and helpful.

We were looking through the glass then Coach Jerry opened the door & welcomed us in
Asa! Pang-3lbs. lang ako eh
Wow! Parang tunay! :P

Back to our room on the 37th floor

Free WiFi! And the connection was fine.

I need to sit on a chair while taking a shower, so we asked the housekeeping if they have a stool or monobloc chair and they immediately got one and broug itht to our room.

Nye! Nye!

There were both a rainfall overhead shower and a side shower and I didn't had a hard time taking a bath on my own. Ah, basta madali! It didn't take long for me to finish not because I was in a hurry buy because it was really easy to take a bath. Promise.

Will check-out
Friendly, courteous, attentive staffs. Thank you

Happy Holidays! From Kcat & Talitha

Bitin? Yes. In a positive note. It would be nice to relax and stay there for a bit longer. But still, we were satisfied with our overnight stay there. And the best part is: our staycation was PWD-friendly. Lakwatserang naka-wheelchair ever! :P

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