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KCAT CAN: Touched by my teachers

Touched by my teachers

During my school days, I wasn’t a hardworking and diligent student. Oftentimes, I was lazy to read my textbooks, memorize my lessons, and do my homework. I didn't like studying but i actually loved learning.

I like learning about new things and discovering about something I already knew. I think that's what most people call the joy of learning and i thank all my teachers in the past for that. Everything that i learned from them were instilled in my mind and heart, and carried me through all the ordeals of life.

I was blessed to have been schooled at the don Bosco School (DBS) Manila where i grew up under the guidance of Salesian educators. I did not only learn academic concepts from them but also life lessons ­ what life is, and how to value and live it well, together with everyone and God as the center.

Don Bosco Schools around the globe promote the teachings of St. John Bosco, known as the father and teacher of the youth. He believes that a teacher should also be a parent, adviser and friend to every child of God so that they can be capable of doing great things. He was the first to adopt the Salesian Preventive System Method ­ a kind of education based on reason, religion and loving kindness. He also had a different view on imposing punishment. He said , “As much as possible, avoid punishing... try to gain love before inspiring fear.“

I belong to the DBS Batch 2000 ­ the first batch to graduate from both elementary and high school. We were the pioneer batch. But our teachers never failed to remind us that being part of the first batch does not mean we were already the best. You have to do your best , in order to be called “The Best.“

Through this, i have learned that it doesn't matter if you are the first, middle or the last person as long as you're doing your best in everything.

When we were in grade school, our teachers encouraged us to always visit and pray inside the chapel every time we arrive in school and during free time. As we grew older, we were not reminded of that anymore. it already became a habit for us. Until now, my daily routine is to greet Jesus with a “hello and thank you“ after waking up and whenever I see a cross or an image of him.

Most of my teachers never ran out of creative ways of teaching that got us to participate actively in class. Graded recitations were conducted through games and relays. Like in kindergarten, our Chemistry teacher would draw a star for every correct chemical balance solution. it was funny that we were all so eager to get a star just like little kids. They played with us, talked with us, ate with us and laughed with us. Most of all, they were always ready to let us experience the fun in learning through their amusing, inspiring and everyday stories.

“Wala Gladiola, walang ilang ilang, third year meron.“ These were the most memorable and powerful words that our adviser Mrs. Peñano would always say to us. It may be just mere words for some, but for my batchmates and I, it was about unity and togetherness that deepened our relationships with each other.

I wasn't really good in writing and didn't have a lot of english and Writing subjects in college but I am able to write properly today. Thanks to the numerous notes, writing, and reflection notebooks that most of our teachers required us to have, I am able to improve my grammar and learned how to express myself through writing.

I won't be a proud Bosconian without the guidance of the teachers who taught me to be one. This is the reason why despite financial difficulties, I insisted that my brother Maro, should study in DBS too. I want him to experience what my sister Talitha and I have learned from the Salesian educators and the whole DBS community. He is now in Grade 7.

Amazingly, Talitha and my Filipino teacher also became Maro's teacher and class adviser. Mr. Pineda, our Music teacher who taught us how to play the recorder, and Talitha's batch the flute and keyboard. He was also the one reason why Maro knows how to play not only the recorder and flute, but also the pianika and snare drums.

After college, two of my high school classmates, Iza Pagkalinawan and Apol Recaña Tabingo decided to continue being part of the DBS community by becoming Salesian educators themselves. Currently, Iza teaches English and Science while Apol teaches Mathematics and Geometry. Both of them are also the coordinators in these subjects.

When asked why she decided to return to DBS and teach, Apol said, “DBS was my second home and coming home is never tiring. It was a great opportunity to be back and have the wonderful chance to teach my fellow Bosconians everything that i have learned as an educator and alumnus . The experience is very rewarding whenever i communicate with my students using the Bosconian language.”

As declared by President Benigno `Noynoy' Aquino iii in Proclamation no. 242, September 5 to October 5 is national Teachers' Month. With the theme, “My Teacher, My hero” the celebration is in recognition of Filipino teachers' everyday heroism and their contribution in shaping the country's future leaders. Metrobank Foundation and the Department of Education are encouraging everyone to say “thank you“ to at least one teacher who has made a difference in his or her life on World Teachers' day on October 5.

Even before that day, I'd like to already show my appreciation to my teachers. Because of everything that i have learned from them, I am able to say that they are a big part of what i have become and who i am today. Thank you `Cher!

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