Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ulirang Mandaleño Award 2012? Yes! Thank you.


I wasn't expecting this. As in! When the delivery guy/messenger came, I thought it was Maro's watch from Cashcashpinoy or kung ano man. :P Yes, the Local PWD office asked for my profile recently. But I wasn't expecting that I'll be chosen for the award coz.. ah basta!

Sabi ko nga sa aking profile: I believe one of my greatest accomplishments is to learn and hear from so many people that I have inspired them through my strong faith in God.

I don't excel in any field (sports, government service, or the like), but I feel so fulfilled!

Sabi ko nga kay Michelle na up until now, super na-a-amazed pa rin ako whenever I finished writing my column, rendering a speech, or whenever someone tells me that I made a positive impact in their lives.

Nakakakilig sa tuwa! Haha.

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