Monday, October 3, 2011

Charity Blogging For Cancer Awareness

Cancer begins in the cells,which we have learned are the building blocks of the body. Under normal conditions, our bodies produce new cells as we grow and as we need them. They replace the old cells that die. However, under abnormal conditions, some new cells grow in the body when they are not needed, and the old cells do not die when they should. These kinds of cells eventually form a mass called tumor.

In spite of the numerous tumors that I have in my brain, I am truly blessed that they are benign, not malignant. Nevertheless, a tumor is a tumor — it can still be harmful. My Neurofibromatosis (NF2) disease is not a form of cancer, although many people mistakenly take it as one of The Big C. I am never offended by it. I explain to them patiently what NF2 really is.

-that was taken from my column:
The other 'Big C' to fight the 'Big C'
(December 2010)

I have met a lot of people who are/were suffering from cancer. Some amazingly survived it, others are still battling with it and sadly there were those who lost the battle and passed :( but at least they fought until the very end.

I was glad when I saw Mommy Rubz' blog about
this Charity Post for Cancer that's going on the blogsphere to increase cancer awareness by sharing real-life stories of cancer patients we know or by writing useful information about cancer prevention. This started from a blogger who started this pledged that for every 10 blog  posts made, she will donate a can of Prosure package, a nutrition formula that helps manage weight loss due to cancer, to CanShare, a support group for cancer patients.

Stef, the owner of the blog is also planning to organize an event for cancer patients and survivors this December 2011. It will be a fun-filled day with games, performances, sharing and inspiration. You can donate via PayPal to doc_alma_jones(at)yahoo(dot)com. Or contact her directly.

Please visit:  Charity Blogging For Cancer Awareness 

If you have a blog, compose you own 'cancer blog' entry now and spread this cause or you can share this via twitter, Facebook or whatever social media you have and be a hero in your own right.

"Achieve the seemingly impossible dream. It takes The Big C to overcome The Big C. It takes the Biggest Courage to fight the Big Cancer."

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