Thursday, October 6, 2011

Be a hero for Hannah Marie

This is Hannah Marie Honor. She has Biliary Atresia and she needs our help. Attached is her mother's letter. Read on:
My name is Marie Angela De Luna Honor, mother of Hannah Marie D. Honor. She was born on born Feb. 26, 2009 is now 2 years old. On her 2nd month, she was diagnosed with "Biliary atresia", a liver disease characterized by the absence or closure of the bile ducts.  On her 3rd month "Kasai" procedure was done on Hannah at the Philippines Children’s Medical Center [PCMC]; an operation that removes the damaged biliary ducts outside the liver. According to her doctor, this operation is not a cure but rather a temporary solution to give us some more time to find resources for the necessary funding of Hannah's liver transplant operation.
Unfortunately, although the Kasai was done, her liver continues to fail. Our doctor told us that there is no other option, but to have that much needed liver transplant ASAP. We really love our daughter and we are deeply worried about her health. Not only our emotions, but our respective jobs were greatly affected in this turmoil we are going through and having limited funds is an additional burden to us. 
We are appealing for your utmost help so that our daughter could have that operation and be treated properly for her to have a greater chance of surviving. It will be conducted at Chung Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan - where there are enough facilities and a success rate of 97% based from the hundreds of liver transplants that were conducted there. We were asked to prepare Php3M which will include the medications, hospitalization, transportation, and lodging fees. Whereas compared to Medical City, liver transplant alone will cost Php4.5M. PLEASE HELP MY DAUGHTER to get her much needed liver transplant. We really financially incapacitated, our combined income is just enough to support our basic daily needs.
I beg you please help my daughter let her live longer and experience to live and see the world. 
Any amount you can give will come a long way and contribute to our daughter's welfare. You may send in your donations at:
BDO (Banco De Oro)
Account Name: Hannah Marie D. Honor
Account No.:. 2360243159
Please pass this message to everyone you know and please help our daughter 
We really love our daughter all we want is to see her live a healthy and normal life. Thank you for taking time to read my letter. We are sincerely asking and hoping for your kind help. 
Respectfully yours,
Marie Angela D. Honor

You can also their fund raising shirt for P300 and be Hannah's hero..

Check-out my column on Monday as well & meet a brave child with Biliary Atresia too.. Tsk. Lots of sick kids these day. :-\

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