Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome back!!!

A few days ago, I was so sad because my right eye's vision became so blurred again.. As in almost blind! It really bothered me because my vision already improve and then it worsen again. Tsk.

I was praying and praying and praying and the next day, I wasn't that sad anymore. As always, I told myself, "What's the use of continuing to be sad. Keri na yung 1 day akong nagmumukmok." Haha. Though I'm still bothered and irritated. Eh naman kasi nakakainis! My mom and I would always say, "madumi lang ya.." Besides, I'm not using autologus serum or antibiotic for my eyes lately.. Madumi lang 'to.. Madumi lang 'to.. So my mom cleans it everyday w/ the eye gel.. It slightly improved. As in konti lang.. The last time I checked my vision was this afternoon while I was taking a bath.. I still don't recognized the shape of the 'tabo' but I can define its color..

Then few minutes ago, while I was playing Flower Paradise on my desktop, I wiped my left eye and then I saw this with my right eye:

I iblurted out, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Thank you." When my brother heard me, he immediately when to my side because he thought that something bad happened to me. I said, "Nakakakita na ko uli!" while pointing on my right eye.

Lord, you never never never fail to amaze me!

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