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KCAT CAN: Wanted: Pen, paper, musical instruments

Wanted: Pens, Papers, Musical Instruments
by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza 
September 26, 2011

Getting an education prepares us physically, emotionally, mentally and socially to survive challenges in the real, big world out there while trying to accomplish our dreams. Even President Obama said, “Through education, we learn how to learn.”

I am forever grateful to my parents for giving me a good quality education. I might not have excelled in academics but the values that I learned in school really come in handy in my life’s journey.

While most claim that private school education is better than public schooling, it is still up to the student if he or she wants to excel and make use of every educational learning device and material to augment his knowledge.


This school is located on a land donated by the kindhearted Singco family. It was built by the residents of the community by putting together their meager resources so that their children could go to school.

Ernesto Ganado or Tito Bong is an OFW working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His family owns a farm in his hometown in North Cotabato and most of his workers’ children study at the nearby Elpidio Singco National High School.

One of Tito Bong’s dreams is to help these children in his town to finish schooling in a good school environment -- without leaky roofs, un-cemented floors, and collapsing walls. The school building is made from sawali and nipa so much so that when heavy rains come pouring down, the teachers and the students all have to deal with the leaks and the muddy floors.

But this miserable condition did not deter the teachers from teaching and the students from studying. The students continue with their dreams to finish their education and to move on to find success in their lives.

Tito Bong shares, “A student who is willing to learn will survive at all costs despite the hardships and obstacles that come by.”

By next school year, a new classroom will have to be built for the incoming third year high school students. We can help in the reconstruction of the school and in the fulfillment of their dreams by connecting with Tito Bong at 09167564027 or for inquiries and donations.


When Jade Samson and her family were living in Singapore several years ago, she joined a group that collected used household items and gave them to whoever needed them. She met some people who donated school supplies instead; and so she thought, these school supplies would be a big help to the kids in the local elementary school in her town in Narra, Palawan. So every time she collected a box of school items, she sent it to Estrella Village Elementary School, and made all the students, teachers, and parents so happy and thankful.

Now that Jade and her family are back in their hometown, they still help the students in their little way, providing yearly incentive to the graduating class valedictorian in order to encourage more students to study harder.

The son of Jade is turning one year old this December, and to make it more special, she thought of doing something extra nice for the kids of the school again by giving gifts and supplies to the 186 elementary students of the school. Thus, Paper and Pencils For a Cause was born.

We can help support this project by donating paper, pens, crayons and other school supplies, or unwanted but still usable schoolbags and other school materials. In this way, we will not only be helping the children, but we can also help our planet Earth by not throwing as trash but passing on to others the usable and recyclable stuffs that we do not need anymore. For your donations (in goods and in kind), contact


A few days ago, Joanne Gonzales, one of my friends from Bukidnon, shared that a fire transpired in their town school, the Pangantucan Central Elementary School. Although the fire department responded quickly, they were not able to save the building because it was made of wood and light materials. All classrooms were razed down to the ground.

DepEd, together with the local government, and other government agencies are now doing their part in prioritizing the rebuilding of the school.

As part of the community, Joanne and her townmates are currently seeking finances to buy band instruments for the students’ use because all their band instruments that were kept inside the school were destroyed in the fire as well.

Their town fiesta is fast approaching, and the students are worried that they do not have any musical instruments. It gives joy to these kids to be able to play music in order to give joy to their town mates during events like this.

Let us help them in raising money to buy lyres and drums. Let us put smiles to these children’s faces while playing music for the town. You may get in touch with Joanne Gonzales at for your donations.

* * *

Each child who is willing to learn and to be taught deserves not only the right to be schooled, but also to be provided with the necessary educational tools that they need, and to study in an environment conducive to learning as well. We have been given that chance to be properly educated, it is their turn to receive the privilege and the blessing.

Please visit:
Jade Samson's
Joanne Gonzales' 

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