Monday, April 25, 2011

MAY Birthday Project 2011: My Wishlist.

One day, while I was randomly thinking, I had the greatest idea and shared it to my mom: "I want to celebrate my birthday on the hospital." I thought of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) since that's where I often have my hospitalization because it's cheaper and has my lot of good doctors. But I'm still lucky because we are able to afford the pay ward (private rooms) and the best doctors! I feel so blessed and I wanted to share my greatest blessings, not money, definitely not. My greatest blessings are my friends! MAY BIRTHDAY PROJECT was born!
I sent a text message to all my friends and everyone I know for a birthday gift/s on my upcoming birthday. I asked for tissue, alcohol, cotton, diapers, soap, and other toiletries / necessities used during hospitalizations. Pack them together and I was able to give more than a hundred patients from 3-4 charity wards (2 Pedia, Neurosurgery, Spine surgery, Pedia ICU) I also asked for toys and gave it to the kids in Pedia wards because I've been confined in the hospital bed a lot of times and I know how boring it is to stay there. What more if you are a child? That would be so boring! So we should give them something to play with. And of course, a party won't be complete without foods. :) Before we come in their room and start our gift-giving, you would notice the sad and blank faces of these patients and their guardians

Tita Angie. our megaphone.

 giving, sharing

First MAY Birthday project group pic.

 We were able to give the remaining gifts to the children's ward at Philippine Orthopedic Center where I am having my therapy.

 Kids with cancer in separate room.

Group pic!


2nd time meeting Kenneth. He wrote me a letter!

Sharing hope, faith & love.

Group pic!

We were able to visit the cancer ward a week later.

Savio Catz singing 'I can' with actions.

Proud with his new toy.

Sharing my story.


Group pic!





Entertainment. ;P

An angel from Qatar. New found friends.
Group pic. Yey!

We'll be holding MAY Birthday Project 2011 this coming May 21, Saturday at Philippine General Hospital, (The time will be announced soon.) Please help me in making this event a success once again by giving me a birthday present. (Demanding eh ;P)

Here's my wishlist:
and other toiletries that are used
during hospitalizations
and of course TOYS
(preferably new)

you could also share for the food expenses
and other loots.. :)

We need these stuff on or before May 18, Wednesday because we still need to pack it together. If you wish to support & donate these items, you can get in touch with me, Kcat at 09063360757 / 09235219600 or my mom, Madge at 09272459400Thank you so much!


  1. Kcat ur a blessing to everybody and i know how u make those kids in the hospital happy and to let them feel that they are special... GOD BLESS u Kath and i know that GOD is with u and that HE hears our only plays second in our lives what is important is our trust in the LORD

  2. what diaper sizes do you need?


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