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KCAT CAN: Being ready

sorry, late post.. This was my column last Monday, April 11 - the day of my surgery.

by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza
April 11, 2011

 "How do you combat all the challenges in your life?”

This is a question that I often encounter. I always say that my biggest weapon is my faith in God and faith in myself.

I have realized though that my faith in people is also important, especially those who are part of my life.

There are beautiful reasons for everything that is happening, not excluding the worse and worst situations that we are in. I believe that God will never ever forsake nor abandon us in times of troubles. All we have to do is trust in Him and surrender all to Him because He will definitely give us what He knows is best for us.

Yet, mere faith cannot work alone effectively. We have to believe in ourselves as well, that by giving the best that we have and the best that is within us. For what is faith without faith’s manifestations and proofs? The Scriptures say that “Faith without works is dead.”

God also knows that we need people to help us and to guide us. He sends mortals from different walks of life to help us in many ways and means. He is so able to show His power and might in doing His part. I have met many of these God-sent angels. I have learned to put my faith in them for the primary reason that they have been sent by God to touch my life in more ways than one.

More than ready
As this article is read, I am about to undergo a major open-head surgery to remove the tumor that has been causing my right eye to bulge out.

Am I ready? Yes, I am more than ready because I have nothing to fear. I will just sleep through the whole procedure and God will take charge and be in control of everything. He will touch the hands of my doctors and nurses, and by the time I open my eyes, the surgery will have been performed successfully.

I have been ready even before my neurosurgeon told us that I needed to have this surgery on immediate priority because ever since I accepted my NF2 disorder, I have understood that I will need these occasional treatments — minor and major surgeries — at certain points and times in my life.

The only problem that we may encounter is lack of money for the medical expenses of the surgery and hospitalization fees. Albeit this predicament, there is always a way. All we have to do is to continuously move forward with faith in our hearts and let God lead the steps. And as what my Mom claims: “God is making it easier for us this time.” We never cease to be overwhelmed with all the assistance that we have been receiving through these God-sent angels from different places, of different ages, statures, and races.

There is a group of OFWs in Qatar who came up with different fundraising events for me.

There is a Malaysian national who is currently working in the country who saw me on a TV documentary two months ago, and searched for me to able to extend his help to me. And he found me! We gained a newfound family friend who is like a clap of thunder and comes storming into our home whenever we needed help.

There are a number of people who saved up their money in order to be able to buy my items and augment my financial needs. I even met innocent little kids who wanted to help with all that they can.

And there are anonymous donors whose hearts had been touched by God to show compassion and generosity.

Thinking back, my faith in a person started when my Mom told me not to worry about money for my medical expenses when I was first diagnosed with NF2 in 2004. I believed in her words. We have come a long way since then. Faith is encompassing. It is a journey that makes us grow with God, with ourselves, and with people.

I have come prepared
Since all of the medical examinations will be done in the hospital a few days before I get admitted, there is not much to prepare besides the stuff that we will bring. Besides, there is no need to be mentally and emotionally prepared because I am ready. Whenever I would undergo a surgery and be required stay in the hospital for days or even weeks, I would always condition myself by creating a lot of beautiful memories. I bring along these beautiful memories with me as my baon and cherish them during my hospital stay. They serve as my motivation to get better quickly, and be able to create more similarly beautiful memories. It works every time.

By the time this article is published, I will have been inside the operating room in the Philippine General Hospital for my major surgery at 7 a.m. I am asking for your prayers to send the Holy Spirit to watch over me as my Strength, my Intercessor, and my Protector.

The battle does not stop here, as of this writing. We still need to raise a sum of money to be able to fully pay my medical expenses for this surgery. We are still continually selling the shirts that I have designed for my fund drive. If you want to order, please contact my Mom, Madge Yarza, at 09272459400.

You are all part of my journey in faith and prayers, and for this, I thank you all so much. May God bless us all.

* * *
Please watch my interview in Che Che Lazaro Presents on April 17, at 10 p.m. on ABS-CBN.

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