Saturday, March 6, 2010


Masarap Mabuhay, TIKMAN MO!

Waaaah! Pati ba naman life, pagkain pa rin? hahaha! I think life can be compared to food.. You won't know it's delicious unless you taste it.. parang life, you won't know it's great if you won't live it.. We all have life, but are we really living with it? MA-BUHAY! hahaha!

Of course natural for us to express our anger with life when problem comes into our lives.. But I don't really get it why some people wants to end their lives or wishes to die just because.. I got it! Depression. But why be depressed? We have to face all the challenges in life and learn how to deal and live with it (with, not to), then we can get over it. It's OK to feel sad at times, I think you won't realized and appreciate the true meaning of happiness not until you've gone through hard times and overcome it. Problems doesn't exist for us to have a reason to blame ourselves or others.. They are here to make us stronger.. Nothing will happen if we'll just cry, blame people & get angry.. We'll just make things harder by doing so.. And most especially, I don't think God would put us in a situation which we cannot handle.. He gives us certain trials because He knows our capacity.. In short He believes in us.. And we should believe in ourselves that we CAN!

Pramis! There are a lot of people who has greater problems than what we have.. And there are thpse who are struggling to live.. But, but, but.. They are living their life as normal as they can.. (Whatever being normal means.. haha) I know that not everyone is like them, or like me.. But we all have problems, we don't have to compare how big or small it is.. If only we'll face & accept it and do something about it, then our problems will definitely be solved.. Diba? Diba?

Ay, nagugutom ako! Waaaaaah!

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