Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We just got home from Hotel Intercon and one of the question from the judges was:
Judge: What do you think is your purpose in life?

Yes, I think our purpose in life is to live. And live it well. We all have a life, but some of us aren't really living it.. dba? So, are you living your life well enough, just enough, or not enough? hehe. ;P

I am living my life with full of HOPE, LOVE and a big FAITH.. And I believe that is God's purpose for me.. He made me a happy and strong person so I could share my happiness.. and inspire others.. :)

Masarap mabuhay, tikman mo! ;P (It's great to live, taste it! haha)

1 comment:

  1. the purpose of life in every human being is to serve God not to live i know GOD is always there for us i wish all of us know how to serve the almigthy the bible tank you!!


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