Sunday, November 22, 2009

I watched & heard New Moon

New Moon (the movie) is 100% better than Twilight (the first sequel).. though New Moon is my least favorite book from the saga.. Umm, coz Edward gone. And Bella is so pathetic in that book (dba ysiad?)

When we watched Twilight last year, my first reaction was "bitin!" and it's like a school project.. Ok I get it, it's a low budget film.. But it's TWILIGHT and aylabit! ♥

Anyway, the best part was:

unlike last year when we watched Twilight, i only heard some scenes with loud sounds like the meadow scene, baseball scene, ballet scene & the music during the credits..

I heard the movie but I didn't really understand what they are saying.. Though I understand the story, of course.. I read New Moon thrice, I even did a skim reading last wednesday.. Haha.

It's not 'bitin' anymore.. I'm excited for June 2010.. Eclipse!

***it was also Jepoy's birthday last November 20.. it was indeed a fun day!

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