Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Watched Twilight. Watched!

Parang teenager lang.. Haha!

Yey! Watched Twilight with Talitha, Ysiad, Jepoy & Camille this afternoon at Greenhills.. I'm looking forward for the DVD and the subtitles but of course I already know the story and I've read some of the *leaked* scripts flying around the net plus the subtitled scenes from the movie on youtube.. Hehe. Our (ysiad & me) only complain was 'bitin'.. We want more of Edward & Bella kilig scenes! Haha! But of course the movie is great.. It's twilight! Love the books! It's just obvious that it's a low-budget film.. Which is true, with only 37M$(?) budget.. But still it's a good movie.. The story seem to be happening so fast.. I get it though, the book is 495(?)pages and it has to fit a 2-hour film.. And stayed true to the book.. I enjoyed watching talaga.. Watched. Walang Rinigan yan.. Ang teenager ko.. New Moon naman next! Then Eclipse.. Eh Breaking Dawn kaya?

Anyway, I heard naman the action scenes, malakas eh..
Meadow scene - when Edward was throwing the trees..
Baseball scene
Ballet studio scene
and the background music playing inside the cinema while we're inside the CR..

Since my 'Remote Battery Pack' is broken(?), Med-El will replace it on Friday.. I'm currently using my 'behind-the-ear battery pack' for my CI and the battery's watt I'm using for this is kinda low so I can only hear loud sounds right now..May nanig naman pala sa movie kahit pano..Haha!


  1. waaahhh...di nga kami nakapanood since day 1 ang haba ng pila eh...uwi kami ni chari... :(

  2. nagpabili ako kay talitha ng ticket nung morning, pagbukas ng greenhills cinema tapos nanood kami nung late afternoon.. haha!


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