Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank you Anonymous

My cousin, Jonathan, texted my mom last November 2
napanood nyo ba tshirt ni ate kcat sa tv patrol kanina? grp of ppl na suot ung tshirt ni ate kcat.. hear campaign sinisigaw..
Whoever those people are, THANK YOU!

and thank you to Kamalayang Kalayaan, whoever you are.. Eh kasi I received this in my guestbook few days ago:
Hello Ms. Katrina!

A friend of yours that goes by the name "Kamalayang Kalayaan" e-mailed Senator Chiz Escudero regarding your condition. He listed all the sites that included your products and stories. We would like to help promote your sites in our own Multiply page and in our other social networking sites. We would also request our members to link your Multiply page to their sites.

Good day!
Team Chiz


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