Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sabi ng aking ina..

(email from my mom for my doctors & some friends)

Subject: Kcat's progress

Hello everyone! :)

i was planning to email kcat's developments last week pa po, hindi natulou tuloy... maybe may reason???

yesterday we went to see Dra. Rina Reyes, to consult about Kcat's speech processor, there was a problem with her long cable so we need to purchase a new one. Kcat also had her aided hearing test with the new cable.... it was really amazing!!!!! SUPER PO TALAGA! compared to the past hearing tests... yesterday very low tone or whatever sound from the machine NARIRINIG na nya kahit mahina lang, and even Dra. Rina was so surprised to see the result after she checked it with the audiologist!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!

And I claim this is because of the sound therapy that kcat is undergoing now. May maganda din pong story about this...kwento ko na po....It was my birthday when I met Mang Danny, the taxi driver who drove us to Phil Ortopedic for kcat's therapy, he asked me about Kcat, as always, madaldal po ako, i shared with him kcat's story while on our way to POC. until he said, why dont we try the sound therapy, his boss, Mr. Que has this device, this does not only help in hearing problems but likewise to stimulate the whole body. He shared the story of one of their patients who was paralyzed and was able to move. I was really crying thanking Mang Danny, sabi ko. alam nyo po birthday ko ngayon, and i never wished anything for me on my birthday, para sa mga anak ko lagi and this is one of my bday wish, for kcat to be able to hear us all again ang gandang birthday gift, i never celebrate my bday with parties, simple dinner lang lagi. but this is really a GREAT gift for me and Kcat. ang saya saya po di ba........... and ang mas masaya po, Mr. Que assigns somebody to go to our house on tuesdays, thrusday and sundays for kcat's therapy.... charity po...he does not charge us any amount, well anyway, it's not really the amount but the kindness of Mr. Que that counts alot. By the way, we just started it last June 29. wala pa pong 30 days, maganda na development kay Kcat.

i also want to share with you the link about sound therapy.

Dra. Chiong, I am not really sure if this is the same brand that Mr. Que has. Mr. Que's device was from germany given to him by his German friend, he too has hearing problem, experiencing tinnitus. Mr. Que was also one of the volunteer in the alternative medicine section of PGH together with Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan,( former DOH Secretary) whom we also met and did accupunture on Kcat and me. we believe in in alternative treatment no intakes and expensive kung anu-ano, like the mga uso now. a lot of people were convincing us to drink this and that, but we dont go for it. gumagaling naman po kami ni kcat. Saludo pa rin po ako sa mga doctors! and of course the BEST!!!! PRAYERS and TRUST IN GOD! :)

yun lang po...salamat po sa inyong lahat Godsent kayong lahat sa amin..GOD BLESS YOU MORE!!!!

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