Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vincent CANCER-vive!

Whenever someone adds me on Multiply or what ever social networking I joined (except Facebook - strictly for friends only.. strictly talaga.. haha.), I just visit the homepage and confirm it.. Then I just browse around their site whenever I receive an email of their site-update..

Then I saw this:

I immediately clicked on the link to his site.. Then my heart ached. *ouch* my brain hurts pala.. Hehe.

I clicked everything on the site to get all the information regarding Vincent..

Vincent was a normal healthy 7-year-old boy until.. he was diagnosed with MEDULLOBLASTOMA : Medulloblastoma is a malignant brain tumor of childhood that arises in the cerebellum, located in the back, lower part of the brain. These tumors account for about 20% of childhood brain tumors and most often occur in the first 10 years; half occur in children younger than 6 years old. It can spread to outside the brain and spinal cord, although this is uncommon. While it is not clear what causes medulloblastoma, it seems that abnormal malignant cells begin to grow, rapidly divide and grow out of control leading to a tumor in the early years of a child’s life. [more]

Please visit Vincent's site and Pray for him.. Prayers move mountains, right?

This was her cousin's appeal on the site she made for Vincent:

hello everyone! according to the doctors my cousin needs a series of CHEMOTHERAPY and RADIATION THERAPY which is estimated to last for 1 year or more depending on the reaction of his immune system to the treatment. We are asking for your help in whatever way that you can extend to us in helping us cope with these trying times we are currently facing. Thank you so much and God Bless everyone!

Let's PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. it's not that hard.. and please spread the word and share his site to your friends.. :)

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