Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Wishlist

It's gonna be my birthday next month once again.. May. Yipee. I'm gonna be 26.. Boo. Anyway, like everyone, I also have a wishlist.. This has been my wishlist for 3 years now..

OK here's my wishlist:
- tissue
- cotton
- alcohol
- soap
- diapers
- and other necessities that are used during hospitalizations..
- NEW toys

those are all the things I want for my birthday.. I mean before my birthday.. I've been celebrating my birthday at PGH (Philippine General Hospital), for 3 years now, this coming MAY.. I call it MAY Birthday Project. It's always a success.. And it's because of you.. I just distribute the stuffs I give them, it all came from you..

MAY Birthday Project will be on May 16, Saturday at PGH Maybe pedia, neuro-pedia & surgery + pedia-ICU & pedia cancer again.. It depends on the quantity of the donated items.. I hope, a lot will share again so that we could reach more wards..

Please donate your items before May 13 (my birthday! hihi) coz we'll still prepare & pack it.. it..

You could reach me through:
0906-3360757 / 0923-5219600

Here's the 1st MAY Birthday Project in 2007

Here's the 2nd in 2008

Anybody can join us in this event..
You'll have so much fun!!!

It'll be great if you'll pass this information to your friends.. Thanks! :)


  1. ate Kcat, join kami ni Katrina dyan!

  2. cge cge. bukas pa ko magtext brigade sa other networks.. wala pa kong load.. hehe. cge join kayo, saya yun.. :)


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