Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Hand Surgery

I'm home.. Of course, my surgery this morning was a minor surgery & I was an out-patient.. The operation was about less than an hour.. Around 8minutes for the preparation before the procedure itself.. Then it only took around 20 minutes for my doctor to cut &  remove the huge tumor.. Then about 10 minutes to stitch my hand.. Haha! I kinda took a mental note of the time because there's a clock on the wall.. My head & eyes keep on switching glances from the wall clock, to the ceiling & to my hand.. Yes, I got to see it.. I saw my open-bloody hand being operated.. When Dr. Lopez told us that my right hand needs to be operated, my question was: "Can I look during the surgery?" Haha!
Because I'm so curious eh.. Coz I was kinda disappointed that when I had a cyst/tumor operation years ago (when I was in 3rd yr highschool), they didn't let me look at my left right finger while it's being operated.. The doctor said: "we won't start the procedure if you're still looking".. So, I just turned my head to the other side.. Haha!

But this morning, during my operation, Dr. Lopez doctor didn't prohibit me to look at my bloody hand, I watched the whole thing! (opcorn please. Haha.) I felt like it's kinda weird for a patient to watch intently on his/her own operation, that's why I change glances once in a while.. Hehe.

My hand was of course injected with local anesthesia, so I didn't feel a thing.. Though while my hand was being sliced open, the anesthesia on the lower part didn't took effect yrt, so I kinda felt the slicing on that part a bit. Maybe just about 1cm.. But after 2 slices, that part was already numb like the others.. It's not really that painful.. Parang sinugatan lang .. As they say, parang kagat lang ng langgam.. Haha!

My only problem was, it was so cold inside the operating room! As in.. I was chilling under the blanket.. Hehe. The operation was really fast, I thought it would take an hour or two.. After 40 minutes, I'm out of the OR.. What took us so long was because of the billing department.. We went home around 9am..

my huge Chorizo-like tumor
about 3inches in height, 1nch in width

Thanks for all your prayers.. The operation went smoothly & there weren't any complications.. It could have been different.. So, thanks a lot! :)


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