Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let us pray for Yvonne

Please pray for Yvonne Foong.. I dunno know her personally, I'm just a frequent reader of her blog.. I came across her site when I was researching about NF2 & ABI.. She's an NF2 patient as well and is currently benefiting from ABI who lives in Malaysia.. I really admire her courage and strength.. Before I decided to start my fund raising campaign, I was asking myself: "can I really make it, can I really raise funds?" Though I know I can do it, but still I want to be sure.. Then I saw Yvonne. After reading her previous blog entries, I decided: I can do this. And I did! Anyway, please please please include yvonne in your prayers.. She's struggling right now because her tumors became worse.. She's still strong in spite of.. Basta pray for her ah!

Btw, she's also a writer and she even wrote her own book; sharing her personal story.. I was so moved..

“From her lifelong battle with Neurofibromatosis to her being crowned as the Most Outstanding Youth Of The Year 2005, Yvonne Foong’s story is both involving and extraordinary. If you have ever wondered what it is like to cope with an incurable illness, this book introduces you to the day-by-day realities of a teenager who is the girl next door.

Emotional, stark, and entertaining, her story sheds light on the struggles that all challenged Malaysians face. You may never look at them in the same way ever again”

Visit her site, it's really interesting..

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