Saturday, March 25, 2017


We’ve been friends since we were 4. I’m not sure if she the one who was 4 or I was the one who’s 4 or both of us were 4 years old. Probably it was summer vacation and both of us were 4 years old. Let’s just assume that it all happened in the middle of March 25, 1988 and May 13, 1988. They live in Taguig back then but is often in Mandaluyong. She was one of my playmates. We grew up together (along with the rest of the GYA Peeps. There were Kyannahs, Dianas, DMK, ChaKhaDaiKcaMiYeKy, etc. There were lots of parties, baseball, volleyball, badminton, picnic sa labas ng bahay, outings, tambay nyts, lots of games, plants that became foods, candy wrappers that became money , adventures and more more more plus lots of party organizing headed by Daisy, Michelle and Kcat. These 2 girls are my LONGEST CLOSEST BESTEST friends Daisy who I’ve known since I was 2 years old (I can still remember that we often play on the rocking chair together with Taj, Maan & Donna) & Michelle, the mataray pero mabait na bata who I met and became friends with when I was 4.

October 4 is my favorite day because it’s the day that Daisy becomes the same age as me. But there something bigger: MARCH 25 – my most favorite day because its MICHELLE’s birthday and the 3 of us share the same number in terms of age.

Happy Birthday to one of my longest closest bestest friends, my cousin, my teacher, my motivator, my alalay, my ka-chikahan, my lakwatsa buddy, my supporter especially in my kalokohan (ssssss), my exercise buddy, my foodtrip buddy, my food supplier, my listener, my cheerleader, my caregiver, my model (Yes, she modeled for our fashion show contest in college and we won 2nd place!) etc. etc. etc.

Thank you for being born

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