Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today should be my 11th birthday. Haha.

October 25, 2005 — it’s my Tita Myrna’s (aunt & godmother) birthday. I was supposed to went upstairs and use the computer to send her an email and greet her a happy birthday but then I suddenly felt very dizzy (servere vertigo) and I can't climb the stairs Vertigo + Severe headache = I passed out and became unconscious..... then DOT DOT DOT

I was rushed to Philippine General Hospital and was admitted there. Thant was the start of my 2-month long hospital stay when my health deteriorated and became weaker and weaker. 11 years ago. Everyone thought I won’t be able to survive; everyone — including the doctors and nurses.

About to die, maybe?

It’s so amazing that from being bedridden and very weak, I feel so great and stronger now.

I may still be in this condition with a lot of limitations, but still. No need to explain further, instead I’ll let my life explain it to long as the clock is ticking.

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