Monday, April 14, 2014

KCAT CAN: Power of a heartfelt prayer

Power of a heartfelt prayer

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” — Mark 11:24

What are you praying for? Most of us pray for good health, guidance, safety, finances or a better understanding of life. We would pray for ourselves, our friend, our families and the world. Those who are sick like me, pray for complete healing. Others ask God for forgiveness or thank Him for all the blessings they receive. Most prayers are done inside places of worship, at home, at work, while traveling, or wherever we maybe because God is always with us. There are those who do their prayers while lighting a candle, holding a rosary or crucifix, or while kneeling. Most people pray silently while some say it out loud or write it on a paper.

It’s amazing to know that there are so many various ways to pray and communicate with God, but do we have the time for Him or are we too busy with our lives?

God prioritizes us, but do we see God as a priority, too? Do we make time for Him or put Him on the bottom of our to-do-list? Some may argue that most people make time for Him on Sunday service or Mass, but how about the other days of the week? Oftentimes, God makes it on top of our priority list only if we need something from Him. That doesn’t seem fair, but that’s how compassionate, forgiving, merciful and loving Father He is. Try putting Him beside or after every task that you need to do; it may still not be easy, but it can be lighter because you’re doing it with God. This Bible verse says it all: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6

During one of Pope Francis’ previous celebrations of the Holy Mass, he said, “The Bible says that Moses spoke to God face to face, as a friend. This is how our prayer must be: free, insistent, with arguments.”

I pray and talk to God whenever I want, wherever I am and whatever I am doing. Maybe that is the reason why I am not really fond of doing the sign of the cross except when in prayer groups, during Holy Mass or whenever I visit Him in His home, the church. I got used to talking with Him like how I talk with my friends.

I was in my teen years when I learned how to converse with God and not just talking and telling Him my prayers. I started imagining that God was beside me because as they say, “God is always with us.” I remembered greeting Him with a “Hi God” and He replied, “Hello Kcat.” And that was the start of my deeper friendship with God. I was so amazed that every time I would ask Him a question, the answer would always pop out of my mind. Others may think that I only made-up the answers to my questions but who else would put those answers in my mind? That’s God. I know. I just know.

Nobody knows us more than God and it feels nice and comfortable whenever we talk with someone who we are really close with, right? Communication builds relationships and by praying regularly—talking and listening to God—we develop a deeper and meaningful relationship with Him.

A couple of years ago when I wasn’t sick yet, I was going through a painful experience and I was crying my heart out. Of course, I was surrounded with my closest friends who comforted me but it was when the song “Jesus My Friend” was played during the Mass that I was fully comforted. It was like God was telling I should not worry because He is my friend. Then amazingly, the song “I love you” was played afterwards and as I went out of the church, I suddenly felt better.

In the Bible, God used animals, a flaming bush, angels and visions to speak to His people. God can use anything to communicate to us, as long as we are ready to listen to what He has to say.


Carla Hernandez’ only prayer is for her eight-month-old son, Nigel Zyris to be cured of Biliary Atresia and to live a healthy life just like his two older siblings. He needs to undergo a liver transplant for him to stay alive. The treatment costs roughly P3 to P4 million and it is impossible for his family to come up with that large amount of money by themselves. This is the reason why they are knocking at the doors of our hearts to support their fundraising campaign for Nigel. Visit Nigel’s Battle with Biliary Atresia on Facebook or call Carla at 0906-4243682. You may direct your donations to his BDO Junior Savings Account – Name: Zyris Nigel G. Hernandez, Account number: 000251237346, and Swift Code BNORPHMM.

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